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Cape Town and the Western Cape
An inspiring place to create
Cape Town and the Western Cape
An inspiring place to create

Any location you can think of

If location is everything, Cape Town and the Western Cape have it all. Think towering mountains and rolling waves, bustling cityscapes and desolate landscapes, and much more. Some of the most popular locations in the Western Cape are found in Cape Town’s central business district, with a variety of urban looks and various types of architecture, as well as stunning natural beauty. We are so diverse that almost any country in the world can be replicated within a two-hour radius of Cape Town. The only limit is your imagination.

Why choose Cape Town and the Western Cape?

Save money
Favourable exchange rate
Low production costs and favourable exchange rates present considerable savings for filmmakers. It is up to 40% cheaper to make films here than it is in Europe and the USA, and up to 20% cheaper than in Australia.
Unsurpassed natural light
Daylight hours in summer average up to 15 hours, which means more time to get your perfect shot. In addition, the Mediterranean-style climate offers wet and cool winters, with dry and warm summers. The average summer temperature in Cape Town is a delightful maximum of 28°C.
World-class production teams
Competent, experienced and technically proficient crew and production professionals are here and ready to add value to your set. Specialised services include set design and building, stunts, special effects, costumes and excellent post-production facilities.

Home to blue-chip filmmaking: blockbuster, arthouse, documentary and TV series

Various international production houses have used Cape Town and the Western Cape as their go-to production destination of choice. Some of the most notable productions include:

  • Homeland
  • Safe House
  • Mad Max Fury Road
  • Bloodshot
  • Red Sea Diving Resort
  • Tomb Raider
  • Warrior
  • Outlander
  • Doctor Who
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A world of talent

Multicultural cast and crew
Cape Town is an incredibly diverse city, home to a mix of different cultures and people. It means there is a wide range of talent to cast from, and the ability to portray a variety of cultures and demographics.
#4IR specialists: from photography to animation
Animation studios in the Western Cape are home to the leading animation producers on the African continent. We offer the full works across animation, gaming, photography and costume design, and the best prosthetics and wigs.

How we can help

The Cape Town and Western Cape region is a sought-after film destination. Major international and local productions are drawn by the wide range of locations, exemplary services and studios. We assist with production in the province, including regulation guidance and finding co-production parties.

Location facilitation
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Investment advice
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Policy and regulatory advice
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Visa and permit advice
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Start planning your production

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Location and permit information
Permits are regulated and issued by various departments at city, provincial and national level, depending on each shoot’s particular requirements.
Muizenberg to St James Walk
The Department of Home Affairs is the regulatory body that determines visa regulations, and processes visa applications.
First Thursdays in Cape Town
Co-production treaties
South Africa is a signatory to co-production treaties with nine other countries to support productions that are delivered by teams comprising both local and international professionals.
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Depending on the size of the budget, the shooting days in the country and the number of South Africans employed, your production can qualify for various incentives.


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