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Our services
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Major international and local productions are drawn to Cape Town and the Western Cape by the wide range of locations, exemplary services and studios, and professional and expert cast and crew. We’re here to assist with production in the province, including regulation guidance and finding co-production parties.

The Wesgro Film and Media Unit uses its network of relationships with stakeholders along the entire film and media supply chain to help local and international film crews create world-class films, commercials, and animation and gaming productions in Cape Town and the Western Cape.

How we can help

Video production
Assist local and international film companies that want to create productions in Cape Town and the Western Cape
Need a perfect location? Need a studio to help make your vision a reality? We’re here to help.
Assist local and international film companies seeking distribution and co-production opportunities
Navigating distribution and production ventures can be tricky. That’s why we stay up to date with all opportunities and potential connections.
Prof services
Host B2B knowledge-sharing sessions, exporter development programmes and masterclasses
We strongly believe in empowering the industry with knowledge-sharing sessions.
Coordinate annual inbound and outbound missions to build the local sector and to promote Cape Town and the Western Cape
We host regular missions to bring film work to Cape Town and the Western Cape, but also let the world know about the incredible services we offer.
Docuements square
Offer guidance on policy and regulatory matters
Policy and regulation can be a minefield. But not to us – we’ll set you on the right path to get those permits quickly and efficiently.
Communicate with and lobby regional and national regulatory and professional bodies
We work with all local and national departments so that we are in the know regarding the latest developments on policy and regulatory issues.
Provide investment advice
We’re here to help you with our knowledge and expertise. No question is too small!