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Obtaining a South African visa

Foreign professional teams are required to have the correct visas in place before they travel to South Africa. The Department of Home Affairs is the regulatory body that manages visa regulations and processes visa applications.

Requirements for the application process may change from year to year. Please head directly to the Department of Home Affairs website for the latest information on getting your visa.

Are you working with a FIVA-registered company in South Africa?

If you are working with a Film Industry Visa Assistance-registered company (FIVA), visas can possibly be fast-tracked through their services or even be organised to be available on arrival, with prior approval.

Without an official FIVA visa waiver, you would require visitors’ visas with work authorisation for your entire team when travelling to South Africa.

Learn more from the FIVA website.


Productions in Cape Town and the Western Cape are governed by a matrix of regulations that influence how and where shoots are planned and managed. Permits are regulated and issued by various departments at city, provincial and national level, depending on each shoot’s particular requirements.

Download our locations guide:

How can Wesgro help?

Although we have no power in the issuing of visas or permits, we are here to help guide and advise you through the entire process. If you need help applying for a visa or partnering with a FIVA-registered company, or need guidance on which regulation body to contact for your relevant permit, contact the Wesgro Film and Media Unit today.