Manufacturing and value-added products

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Manufacturing and value‑added products
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Manufacturing and value‑added products
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Manufacturing is the third largest sector in the Western Cape and contributes significantly to the South African manufacturing sector output.

Manufacturing strengths include green technologies, cosmetics, clothing and textiles, and boatbuilding.

Manufacturing is the 3rd largest contributor to the Western Cape economy.

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Manufacturing activity in the Western Cape is extensive and spans many sectors including both agricultural and non-agricultural industries. Agribusiness, including food and beverages, makes up a large part of manufacturing activity, while the region is also home to a wide range of non-agricultural manufacturing activities such as clothing, textiles, leather and footwear; marine manufacturing and boatbuilding; cosmetics; and electronics. Increasingly, the Cape is also emerging as a leading greentech manufacturing hub on the African continent.

Manufacturing activity makes up about 15% of the Western Cape economy, slightly higher than the national average. See more about the manufacturing strengths of the region under Agribusiness; Green industries; Cosmetics; Clothing, textiles, leather and footwear; and Boatbuilding.

The region is ideally situated to take advantage of the rising consumer class and increasing industrial capabilities on the African continent. The rest of Africa is already an established market for manufactured goods from Cape Town and the Western Cape, driven by manufacturing capabilities, competitive prices, proximity to markets and good transport linkages. Exports of manufactured goods from the region are not limited to Africa; indeed, the high quality and globally competitive prices of our products make them sought after the world over.

The region is home to a high concentration of skilled engineers, has a strong tradition of innovation and design thinking, and offers a comparatively low-cost location for manufacturing operations.

The manufacturing sector in the Western Cape is supported by multinational corporations that have chosen the region to take advantage of the economic opportunities of the local economy, as well as those in the rest of Africa.

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The Wesgro Trade Unit provides a free and confidential service to help you establish and grow your business in Cape Town and the Western Cape. Our diverse economy, strong skills base and well-connected infrastructure present many opportunities for foreign buyers seeking high-quality goods and services, as well as exporters looking to expand into the African market.

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