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Cape Town and the Western Cape offer a leading services-based economy in Africa – 74% of economic activity in the Western Cape is in services-related industries. High-quality standards, relevant skills, and the potential to deliver complex and non-complex processes position Cape Town as a global leader in business process outsourcing.

The majority of the global business services jobs in South Africa are concentrated in Cape Town.

Cape Town offers 65% to 70% lower costs than a tier-2 city in England for contact centre work.

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South Africa is growing at an incremental pace in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. Over the past four years the country has grown 22% annually. This is twice the global growth rate of the industry, and three times faster than India and the Philippines.

Many global and regional companies have chosen to set up or expand their operations in South Africa for precisely this reason. Large companies that have chosen South Africa as their BPO base represent a variety of industry verticals, such as technology and communications, financial services, legal, and healthcare.

South Africa is well known for having a large pool of good quality, English-speaking talent with high empathy, cultural affinity and niche domain skills. This has helped lead to the successes we have experienced in next-generational business process service delivery.

Connect to the world from the convenience of Cape Town and the Western Cape.

Cape Town is the leading location in South Africa for global business services delivery due to its large and varied talent pool, world-class infrastructure, and quality of life. The majority of the global business services jobs in South Africa are concentrated in Cape Town.

Through collaboration with central and provincial governments, universities and the private sector there has been a concerted effort to build more complex IT skills in the country. Initiatives flowing from this have resulted in the development of new degrees at universities (such as the Analytics degree at the University of Western Cape); training programmes in geomatics, artificial intelligence, the internet of things and cloud architecture; and the development of dedicated start-up spaces.

Through this collaborative ecosystem that is focused on fostering skills growth, Cape Town has the highest employed talent pool in South Africa in the global business process services (BPS) sector, at 23 500 FTEs. More than 50 000 relevant degree-holders are also available for hire at the entry-level every year.

More than anything, it pays to outsource to Cape Town and the Western Cape – Cape Town offers 65% to 70% lower costs than a tier-2 city in England for contact centre work.

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The Wesgro Trade Unit provides a free and confidential service to help you establish and grow your business in Cape Town and the Western Cape. Our diverse economy, strong skills base and well-connected infrastructure present many opportunities for foreign buyers seeking high-quality goods and services, as well as exporters looking to expand into the African market.

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