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#CapePioneers | Digemy
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#CapePioneers | Digemy
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Our #CapePioneers series showcases innovative local businesses that adapted to build resilience in the face of COVID-19. This week we speak to Digemy.

“Digemy is a unique learning platform that disrupts the conventional e-learning model focused on completion and “passery”, transforming it into a model focusing on knowledge and mastery.”

Their story

The Digemy Knowledge Partner is an award-winning, gamified e-learning platform that measures the knowledge of a learner on specific topics. Creating both business-to-business and business-to-consumer solutions, Digemy serves some of the biggest brands in Africa, and were recognised by Africa Tech Week as the 2nd best tech startup in Africa in 2019.

Positively contributing to the digital ecosystem

Digemy aims to change the narrative of learning being an expense and a tick box, to learning being a powerful tool used to increase an orgnisation’s profitability and optimise their biggest asset, their people. Making learning accessible, the platform is designed to automate the learning journey, decrease attrition rates, increase sales and conversion rates, reduce time and cost spent on training, increase knowledge in a sustainable and measurable way, encourage accountability and transparency between learner and facilitator, and help organisation’s to identify the knowledge gaps that put them at risk, and the knowledge opportunities that could drive the business forward.

Leadership in the digital ecosystem during COVID-19
We realised that there are two essential things that need to happen for people to protect themselves against COVID-19: access to reliable and accurate information, and using this information to guide a change in their behavior. This is why we created a free, gamified course on COVID-19 which breaks down the information in simple terms that anyone can understand, and identify practical steps to take to protect themselves.

Showcasing success stories and best practices as a business during the crisis
Two of the most important things to do during a crisis is to mitigate risk and act fast! We created and designed our learning platform and course from scratch in just one week. Within 2 weeks of launching, we had around 1 000 learners on the platform. Digemy was able to bring the course to every content besides Antarctica (if you are reading this and you are in Antarctica, please go sign up), featuring in over 10 publications in four different countries reaching over 7million people.

We enabled organisations to onboard their employees onto our platform and use it as a risk mitigation tool to identify which of their employees could be more at risk of contracting the virus. We did this by measuring the learner's perceived knowledge of what they think they know about the virus, and compared this to their actual knowledge as determined by our algorithms.

The future of your business and the new normal

We believe that working from home is going to become the "new normal". We’re perfectly positioned to help organisations implement successful learning strategies through knowledge focused, accountable, distance learning. To seize this opportunity, will be going into a new round of venture funding.

Overcoming challenges during COVID-19

Being at the forefront of technology is extremely challenging and competitive. This makes it important to remain agile, work fast and smart while being excellent stewards of the resources you have at your disposal.

Why is Cape Town and the Western Cape perfect for your business

Cape Town hosts one of the fastest-growing tech hubs in Africa and is trusted by the world’s tech community for delivering powerhouse companies. It draws the right mentors, advisors and talent, which is the backbone to any successful business - and is testimony to the success we’ve ve had as a fast-growing Cape Town-based tech startup.

The plan for the next 5 years of tech in a changing world
We’re launching new learning products aimed at schools and universities, as well as multiple products for consumers. This will ensure we have learners in multiple industries, across multiple countries, ranging from age 7 to 70+, which will diversify our revenue and target market, and ensure we strategically leverage our unique technology to change as many lives as possible. For the next five years, we will then focus on marketing and growing these products, and become aspirational leaders in our industry.

Goodwill, giving back and supporting other businesses during the crisis
To help organisations in the fight against the pandemic, we enabled free use of the tool. Even though this stretched our resources and put a lot of pressure on our usual workload, we knew that we had an opportunity to give back, and help companies mitigate their risk.

For more information on Digemy, visit their website here.

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