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Our #CapePioneers series showcases innovative local businesses that adapted to build resilience in the face of COVID-19. This week we speak to Bizcommunity.

Bizcommunity functions as a mouthpiece for business stakeholders at every level, from learner to leader.”

Their story

Bizcommunity is an independently owned media brand, made in Africa for Africa. Providing an overview of the intellectual capital of 19 business communities, we have the largest Media & Marketing community, reaching 490,000 pan-African and global readers. A typical mix of daily business-to-business activity includes news from over 350 of South Africa’s top companies - who publish and distribute via our 5.9 million monthly industry newsletters and promotional platforms.

Positively contributing to the digital ecosystem

Business news published via our platforms is archived and accessible by sector and region indefinitely. Easily searchable and accessible via our platforms, we help to create positive perceptions of business activity in our region. As part of this digital ecosystem, our online media can enable the sharing of resources, opening up connectivity, conversations and investment into Africa and South Africa.

Leadership in the digital ecosystem during COVID-19

We have seen the value of the business-to-business model really come into its own since lockdown, and remote-working measures were announced. The media were deemed an essential service in keeping people informed, so we have been in the privileged position to amplify the agility and ingenuity shown by South African business in meeting the challenges of COVID-19. To date we have published over 1,500 COVID-19-related B2B articles, showing the remarkable altruism, solidarity and resilience within South African companies and organisations. There has been a particular increase in international interest, which is in line with our vision of providing a valuable snapshot overview of the leadership, resourcefulness and capacity of our region.

Showcasing success stories and best practices as a business during the crisis

As soon as lockdown measures were announced, we set up three business-to-business resource pages - #COVID-19 Special Section, #COVID-19 Resources (featuring links to useful government and health departments) and #BizDonate (a directory for South African NGOs and NPOs seeking funding and donations). 

A valuable repository is being built via our #LockdownLessons series, where South Africa’s top companies and brands - from communications, eventing and strategy, to IT, entrepreneurship, finance and human resources, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, lifestyle, legal, property and construction sectors - are sharing how they are rising to remote working challenges. 

The future of your business and the new normal”

The Biz team is set up to operate at full capacity from remote locations, enabling seamless business communications. We empathise with the overwhelming pressure experienced by many businesses at this time, but are heartened by the support of new and existing clients who are continuing to publish via our platforms.

We are making every effort to offer favourable rates that will provide a valuable post-Covid-19 archive of the business-to-business activity critical to driving and reviving future economies.

Overcoming challenges during COVID-19

With regard to the greater technology, media and telecommunications sectors in South Africa and Africa, investment, infrastructure and education remain key challenges. Publicising and promoting policies and key stakeholder interests can encourage investment and help forge new networking associations.

Why is Cape Town and the Western Cape perfect for your business

As a start-up company back in 2001, the Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative’s (CITI) Bandwidth Barn tech incubator was Bizcommunity’s first home, and we are proud to have been a part of the success of the region’s ICT, startup and seed accelerator programmes.

The Western Cape’s increasing diversity enables our company to reflect the interests of our national, pan-African and global readers and clients. A well-run province attracts creative, managerial and digital talent and can provide job opportunities for entrepreneurial and corporate skill sets. Many of the sectors we represent have a strong footprint in the Western Cape.

The plan for the next 5 years of tech in a changing world

From a media brand point of view, we see ourselves offering more attention to education, NPOs and sustainable ways of maximising human, natural and technological resources.

Tell us how you gave back, helped other businesses during the crisis?

We hope that the exclusive COVID-19 company news, curated by our team will provide a valuable, long-term resource. Our COVID-19 Special Section, Special Edition newsletters, useful links and donation directory initiatives have all been undertaken proactively by our editors to provide a comprehensive overview of the generosity and ingenuity of the business communities we represent.

During these unprecedented times, we have been liaising one-on-one on payment terms and special offers that will allow us to keep our full team complement together, while taking cognisance of market realities for many of our client businesses to ensure an investment in B2B content is more relevant than ever.

For more information on Bizcommunity visit their website here.

Share your story of COVID-19 resilience with us and email marketing@wesgro.co.za