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The Western Cape is uniquely positioned as the gateway to the rest of Africa. Working closely with our Research Unit, Wesgro’s Investment and Promotion Unit paves the way for companies seeking to invest in the Western Cape.

The unit focuses on attracting investment, promoting the region as an investment destination, and supporting businesses in maintaining and expanding their business operations here.

We build strategic relationships with – and connect – industry players, government authorities and the business community, and offer access to our networks, joint ventures, partnerships and supplier databases to enhance matchmaking opportunities.

Our facilitation services include offering guidance and leading discussions with clients and service providers in various areas, including agri-processing, oil and gas, manufacturing, renewable energy, hotel and real estate development, and information and communications technology.

We use our network of existing relationships and in-depth research to identify dynamic players in the market and build compelling business cases for organisations wanting to invest in the Western Cape.

We create tailor-made investment proposals to stimulate potential investment in the region and offer a one-stop business development management service for international and local investors wanting to establish or expand their operations in the province.

Wesgro is also the first point of contact for foreign buyers, local exporters and investors seeking to take advantage of the Western Cape’s business potential.

What we can help you with

Site allocation
We provide information highlighting the benefits of locations around the Western Cape, and help identify suitable commercial premises.
Customised market intelligence
Our Research Unit collates up-to-date market intelligence, including economic and sector-investment profiles, business opportunities and trade conditions in the province and further afield.
Accessing finance
We facilitate meetings with potential public and private funders, private individuals, banks and private equity firms to help unlock financing opportunities.
Policy advocacy
We identify factors that could constrain investment and work with decision-makers to find ways of breaking down barriers to operating in the province.
Accessing incentives
We provide guidance and information to help investors understand the national, provincial and local incentives available to businesses in their sector.
Immigration guidance
We have relationships with immigration consultants who can help clients obtain the necessary documentation for employees in South Africa.

Looking for more information? Search our resource library

The Wesgro Investment Promotion Unit provides a free and confidential service to help you establish and grow your business in Cape Town and the Western Cape. Our team of expert Portfolio Managers have more than 40 years of combined experience in supporting new investors commercialise their businesses in the region, and in helping established businesses grow and expand.

Read our latest sector and country fact sheets and research reports to identify new opportunities to grow your business.

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