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Situated on the West Coast of South Africa, 40km from Cape Town, the Atlantis Special Economic Zone capitalises on the province’s already booming renewable energy and green technology sector.

Africa’s only green tech special economic zone

Atlantis SEZ has already attracted investments of over R680 million

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In South Africa, a Special Economic Zone is a geographically designated area set aside for targeted economic activities, supported through special arrangements (including laws) and systems that may differ from those that apply in the rest of the country.

Thanks in part to Cape Town’s thriving green economy, the city is home to the Atlantis Special Economic Zone for green technology manufacturing. This epicentre of greentech activities offers opportunities and incentives to investors from around Africa and the world. In fact, the Atlantis SEZ is expected to attract around R3.7-billion (US$262-million) in investment over the next two decades.

The objective of establishing the Atlantis SEZ was to unlock the underlying economic value of existing and underutilised infrastructure through the creation of a greentech manufacturing hub. Wind turbines, solar panels, insulation, biofuels, electric vehicles, materials recycling and green building materials are all examples of initiatives that could find a place here in the future.

The zone capitalises on the province’s already booming renewable energy and green technology sector. It supports the manufacturing sectors to become suppliers and component manufacturers for the renewable energy sector, in particular independent power producers in the government’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme (REIPPPP).

Why invest in Atlantis SEZ?

  • Strong and growing South African and African markets for greentech

Independent market research shows strong demand for renewable energy and green technologies from South Africa and the African continent

  • Well-located and development-ready area

The Atlantis SEZ has good access to major national road networks and is located near key renewable-energy markets

  • A strong support base and existing relationships for investors to tap into

Partnerships and relationships that will help facilitate investment and doing business are already in place

  • A one-stop-shop for wide-ranging investor support

The Atlantis SEZ team can assist with information and facilitate access to permits, licences, planning and development approvals, incentives and finances

  • Incentives for investors and tenants

The City of Cape Town, the national government and the Atlantis SEZ offer a range of attractive incentives for investors and tenants

  • Attractive, wide-ranging skills base to recruit from

A skills-development drive is underway in Atlantis through partnerships with youth organisations, local Technical and Vocational Education and Training colleges and high schools.

To hear more about Atlantis SEZ opportunities please contact Jarrod Lyons.

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