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Working from home; out of the house
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Working from home; out of the house
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While the CBD in blessed with beautiful offices and co-working spaces; there is a growing trend for a more dynamic and mobile work environment. This blog post is for the digital nomads, students and travelers of Cape Town. Enjoy some of our suggestions of local stores and coffee shops that won’t kick you out if you ask for their wifi password!

Here’s to combining business and leisure:

Mantra, Camps Bay

Looking for a view further than your screensaver? Head over to Mantra; a stylish store with front row seats facing the Camps Bay sea. The big glass windows offer ample natural light, making it an ideal spot come rain or shine.

☕️: R28.00
📍: 43 Victoria Road, Camps Bay
⏰: 09:00 — 21:30 Monday-Sunday
🚌: 106 or 107 or 109 or 118 or 108

TIP: If you would like to catch some sun-rays while working, arrive with a fully charged laptop (plug points are only available in the booths) and sit by the open window tables from 11:00.

Blue Cafe, Tamboerskloof

This neighborhood heirloom has been trading since 1904. Nestled between the dutch homes of Tamboerskloof, the coffee shop gives off the same air as if in Amsterdam (but only providing a caffeine high). It offers outside tables on the side-walk, along with covered and cozier options.

☕️: R24.00-R26.00 (dependent on your coffee-bean choice)
📍: 13 Brownlow Road, Tamboerskloof
⏰: 07:30 — 22:00 Monday-Sunday
🚌: 106 or 107 or 110

TIP: make sure to try their peanut butter bombs; an ideal snack for energy and dunking in a coffee!

Starlings, Claremont

A darling little cafe with an outside courtyard; it’s always bustling but somehow offers a calming and quaint energy. This little gem is based in the southern suburbs, and is especially ideal for UCT students.

☕️: R30.00
📍: 94 Belvedere Rd, Claremont
⏰: 07:30 — 16:00 Monday-Saturday
🚌: not available

TIP: If you need to take notes, entertain your child or want to get the creative juices flowing, use the coloring pencils on the high-top tables!

Seattle, Exclusive Books in VnA

Seattle is one of Cape Town’s oldest coffee franchises. However, unlike its other locations, the Exclusive Books store has a coffee shop between the shelves, trailing outside to the harbor. This unique combination offers the resources of a library, the air of the Atlantic, along with sustenance from Seattle.

☕️: R29.50
📍: Shop 6160, Victoria Wharf 1, Breakwater Road, V&A Waterfront
⏰: 09:00 — 17:00 Monday-Sunday
🚌: 104 or 113 or T01 or T01X or D05

TIP: With a free Seattle ‘membership’, you can get your 10th coffee free at any franchise!

Bootleggers, Garden Center

With Bootleggers popping up throughout the country, we thought to specifically pin-point the one in the Gardens Center. Apart from the ample parking, convenience of doing a quick grocery shop, and Centre wifi, there is always the joy of people-watching and the ambient noise of coffee-making.

☕️: R32.00
📍: Gardens Shopping Centre, ℅ Buitenkant & Mill Street, Gardens
⏰: 08:00 — 17:00 Monday-Sunday
🚌: 101 or 103 or 104 or 111

TIP: If you are a regular to the franchise, and you have seen all the carefully selected AC/DC lyrics on each branch’s walls, you should download the new bootlegger app!

Vida, Wembley Square

The familiar franchise can be found in the center of Wembley Square; a space with a gym, parking and additional shops. The reason for mentioning this particular cafe is due to the beautiful natural lighting that streams through the glass ceiling. The XXXXX

☕️: R32.00
📍: Wembley Square, McKenzie Street, Gardens
⏰: 08:00 — 17:00 Monday-Sunday
🚌: 101 or 103 or 104 or 111

TIP: If you have a Virgin Active card and need Vitality points, go swipe your card upstairs ~ we do suggest that you actually exercise; for your own health, not ours!

Hazz, Newlands

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced and quiet space to work, with good service and coffee, Hazz is your gem! Located in the southern suburbs, this brightly colored cafe offers a wide variety of drinks to help sustain you through a work session or meeting.

☕️: R22.00
📍: 51 Kildare Road, Newlands
⏰: 07:00-14:00 Mon-Fri & 08:00-13:00 Sat-Sun
🚌: Not Available

TIP: Get R2 off your next coffee when you use your reusable cup; eco-friendly & economical.

The Ladder on 136, City Center

Amongst the busy streets in town, is a beautiful quiet cafe on Bree Street. TheLadder on 136 is actually a traditional arts studio but has a coffee shop with a variety of food and drinks. The creative space is calming and ideal for inspiration and brainstorming sessions.

☕️: R28.00
📍: 136 Bree Street, Cape Town City Center
⏰: 07:30-16:00 Mon-Fri & 08:30-13:00 Sat
🚌: 101 or 107 or 110 or 113 or 106

TIP: When the weather calls for a cold beverage, ask if the barista can blend the ice with strong espresso shots and enjoy a refreshing kick of caffeine!

Lazari, Gardens

This corner cafe continues to bless Gardens with a peaceful work environment and colorful menu. The bistro is gathers a lot of natural lighting with its glass ‘walls’, but also provides a vibrant energy and environment of its own though the decor and dishes.

☕️: R28.00
📍: ℅ Upper Maynard & Vredehoek Avenue, Vredehoek
⏰: 07:30-17:00 Mon-Fri & 08:30-14:00 Sat-Sun
🚌: 101 or 111

TIP: If you have not yet had it before, you should definitely try Lazari’s giant pink cupcakes! For the chocolate lovers: there are also divine cocoa cupcakes.

Stepbrothers, Bantry Bay

While this bistro is located in Bantry (the ideal summer day spot), the atmosphere and catered cuisine is also perfect for the more cozy days. This is a lovely place to work with the inspiration of Italian food and good coffee!

☕️: R30.00
📍: The Arum, 29 Victoria Road, Bantry Bay
⏰: 07:30-22:00 Mon-Thurs & 07:00-22:00 Fri-Sun
🚌: 108 or 109 or 118

TIP: If you enjoy people-watching and a breath of fresh air, tables outside are limited so be sure to secure a spot early!

Red Sofa, Vredehoek

Red Sofa started out as an extension of a DVD store, but due to its popularity, the cafe has grown its own loyal customer base and community. If you would like to work with a beautiful view of the mountain, be sure to visit this Vredehoek shop!

☕️️: R29.00
📍: 21 Derry Street, Vredehoek
⏰: 07:00-16:30 Mon-Fri & 08:00-16:30 Sat-sun
🚌: 101 or 111

TIP: This is a great pet-friendly cafe; making it convenient for furry friends and may even entice a mountain walk after work!

Cushty Deli, GreenPoint

Cushty is informal British slang for “good” in a sort of relaxed way; a comfortable, easy-going “good”. This is Cushty; a cafe of all things delicious, laid back, and neighbourly. This shop is hidden in the narrow streets of Green Point but always has a happy buzz to greet you!

☕️️: R29.00
📍: 6 St. Georges Road, Green Point
⏰: 07:00-17:00 Mon-Sun
🚌: 108 109 114 115 118 T02 T02X

TIP: For any cyclers, this cafe offers a safe place to secure your bike between rides while drinking a coffee a catching up with your Zoom meetings.

Kleinsky’s, SeaPoint

A fusion of traditional and cosmopolitan: Kleinsky’s uses Jewish recipes with local ingredients to bring the best slice of New York to Cape Town. The vibrant store also serves as a gallery space for local artists, making it an inspiring place to work from!

☕️️: R26.00
📍: 92 Regent Road, Sea Point
⏰: 08:00-16:00 Mon & 08:00-21:00 Tues-Sat & 08:00-15:00 Sun
🚌: 105 108 109 114 115 118 T02 T02X

TIP: GET THE BAGEL! Do it! There's even gluten free rolls. All the breads and pastries are made in-store.

Our Local, Kloof Street

Situated inside 117 Kloof is an antique store and nursery; Our Local is a food experience that brings people together around one table in a unique environment. While the store is indoors, the multiple plants and greenery creates a lively and warm atmosphere to work in.

☕️️: R28.00
📍: 117 Kloof Street, Cape Town
⏰: 09:00-15:00 Tues-Sun
🚌: 113

TIP: For a more secluded space, there is a room in the right-back-side of the cafe, offering a large table perfect for a quiet area or private meeting venue!

Origin, De Waterkant

Red-brick walls, exposed ceiling and the grinding of coffee beans; this aesthetically industrial spot provides the perfect buzz for some hard work in the city. With a wide-variety of beans, roasts and orders, it is also an oasis for any coffee lover. 

☕️️: R35.00
📍: 28 Hudson Street, De Waterkant
⏰: 08:00-16:00 Mon-Fri & 08:00-15:00 Sat & 08:00-14:00 Sun
🚌: 105

TIP: Make sure to try all the different coffee and tea options; both the Origin and the Blend options are offered!

Chardonnay Deli, Constantia

This little oasis is based in an old farm stall surrounded by trees. The homey and rustic environment offers a deli shop along with sit-down breakfasts/lunches of fresh and wholesome food. There are always freshly baked treats that can cater for most diets!

☕️️: R30.00
📍: 87 Constantia Main Road, Constantia
⏰: 07:00-18:00 Mon-Sun
🚌: not available

TIP: Be sure to explore the space as there are 3 outside sections in addition to the cozy inside area!

The Loading Bay, De Waterkant

'From the ground to your plate, with no intervention - only organic practices' ~ this is the phrase embodied in The Loading Bay's eatery. The healthy food, natural lighting and open space are conducive to productivity and maintaining a sense of presence. 

☕️️: R32.00
📍: 30 Hudson Street, De Waterkant 
⏰: 08:00-16:00 Tues-Sat 
🚌: 105

TIP: While online shopping can be tempting, give the in-store shop a look. The Loading Bay is part of Sans Community stocked with some beautiful products and items.

☕️: All coffee prices are for a double-shot regular cappuccino; but all the above-mentioned locations offer different sizes and alternative milk options too!

⏰: We have tried our best to ensure that these are the correct times and days, but please bear in mind that these are subject to change given lockdown.

🚌: The MyCiti Bus is an eco-friendly and convenient way to travel throughout Cape Town without the hassle of looking for parking. The routes listed are those that have a stop closest to the given cafe, but your journey may require stop-overs and additional transportation depending on your location. For more information, visit: