Leave the city behind at AfriCamps, Robertson

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Leave the city behind at AfriCamps, Robertson
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Leave the city behind at AfriCamps, Robertson
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There’s a majesty about the mountains of Robertson. They stand over you like monolithic guardians, holding the promise of adventures to come, and they ignite a wanderlust in all that pass through them.

I’ve always felt most at home here and the opportunity to spend some time at the AfriCamps in Robertson was too good and opportunity to pass up. It’s the ideal location for a mountain escape and as the signal dropped, my excitement grew.

Finally. Off the grid.

Based on the foothills of the beautiful Pat Busch Mountain Reserve, just outside of Robertson, AfriCamps Robertson is the ideal getaway for nature lovers who aren’t looking to ‘rough it’ too much. Ideal for folk keen for a hike, trail run or a ride along a mountain track, who are also apt to put their feet up afterwards with a glass of wine or beer in a luxurious glamping set-up.

Personally, I can do both. But while roughing it has a certain allure, I figured there is nothing wrong with a bit of luxury in my life, so it was quite the treat to watch the sun set over the Langeberg Mountain, beer in hand, after a lovely little run through a meandering hiking trail, complete with rock pools and the greenest of greens I have seen in some time. Lush, and full of life, the reserve is home to a variety of birdlife, buck, fallow deer, Nguni cows and even a leopard.

A rare Protea flower, thought to be extinct for over 50 years, can also be found here, and is now under the protection of Cape Nature.

Apart from the mountain trails, you can also take advantage of the dam, just a two minute walk from the tent, where you can row a boat / kayak or just splash around if you prefer. If you’re not keen on a big body of water, there is also a communal pool in the centre of camp.

I could feel the stress of the city leaving my body as I took in the quiet. The outdoor fire providing warmth against the chill that set in as the sun sank lower. It’s the kind of silence that makes your ears ring. ‘This is the life’ I thought to myself. ‘Going home won’t be easy.’

The tents themselves are something to behold. With 10 in total on the property, they are handcrafted in South Africa, come fully-equipped (air con, indoor fireplace, self-catering kitchen et al) to accommodate five people. They are uber comfortable and are as much a part of the experience here as the mountains themselves.

If you’re not keen on carting all your food up with you, AfriCamps will deliver breakfast and braai baskets to your tent, both packed with locally-sourced produce – all you need to do is brew the coffee, fry the eggs and cook the meat. It’s glamping comfort 101. We took advantage of both options and there was more than enough food for us.

You won’t be sleeping late here, the mountain air is quick to call you out, and I would suggest you spend some time exploring the surrounding trails, which criss-cross in a number of different directions and are well worth the effort. The higher you go, the more you get to soak in, and trust me, the view of the camp from up high is something to behold.

A luxury setting in the rugged Robertson mountainscape, AfriCamps provides you with the perfect getaway just two hours outside of Cape Town. The only regret you will have is not booking an extra night or two.

For more information: https://africamps.com/farm/africamps-pat-busch-robertson/

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