Featured Discoverer: Fleur Van Eeden

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Featured Discoverer: Fleur Van Eeden
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Featured Discoverer: Fleur Van Eeden
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Fleur’s Story

I had a great childhood growing up in Swellendam. Although I am now part of a big international community, I am most passionate about my small community at home and always head back to my roots. The town, the people, the beauty, what’s not to love? It’s my natural playground, when I’m not on set, I horse ride, mountain bike and explore trails. When I’m working, I’m a stunt woman, a double and an extreme thrill-seeker.

Where did your career journey begin?

You don’t study to be a stunt woman, I believe you’re born to do it. I’ve been active, sporty and interested in pushing myself for as long as I can remember. In my matric year I met a guy whose brother had just opened a stunt company in Cape Town and I thought WOW! I’ve got nothing to lose, I’m going to go for it. My first job was to sit in the middle of the ocean in a rubber duck in between Robben Island and the V&A Waterfront, it was for mini-series called The Triangle, a big American production. I do the jobs the actresses aren’t allowed to do. Imagine if they break an arm or a hand and filming stops? They cant do it, so I do it.

Are you scared before a stunt?

Always! Every. Single. Time. But that’s the beauty of it.

Before it happens you plan it in your mind. As they call 3…2…1 action, your body just does it. You’re in a zone, and I barely remember any of it afterwards. It’s as if I’m in autopilot mode, you know? I am always terrified and amazed I got through it. My first day of high falling, I did a 6-story fall, landing on an air bag. I’m taught how to land on my back so I don’t break anything, but I was scared that day.

Scariest moment?

I was doubling on a Bollywood movie shot on a moving train in Swartkopmund. Dressed as a ninja, I had to do fight scenes on a train going 60km’s/hr and then jump onto a horse. I was emotional afterwards.

Famous faces?

I’ve never done a South African movie, which is quite sad actually, there’s definitely room for that! My first big celeb I doubled for was the orginial Tomb Raider, Rhona Mitra. I loved working with Lena Headey from Game of Thrones, in the movie Dread. Drew Barrymore was really fun to work with on Blended. She’s stunning and down to earth. The one that star that really struck me was Meryl Streep when I worked on The Giver, I was her double just in case, I never actually did anything. I had to put a harness on her and I suddenly thought, I’m actually going to put a harness on THE Meryl Streep! She has this aura about her, she’s a classy, wonderful and talented woman. She sat with us (normal people) on set and I was amazed at how humble she is.

Currently working on?

I’m doubling Charlize Theron on the movie The Last Face with Sean Penn. That means horse riding for her in Stellenbosch. She’s so lovely and very funny. I’m also doubling Claire Danes on Homeland being shot in Cape Town at the moment.

How is your work inspired by the Western Cape?

I love the province. There’s so much adventure here. After this interview I’m going riding in Tokai. International people shoot here because of the amazing crews (from cameras to lighting to stylists and the actors themselves). They’re truly talented, open to anything, efficient and passionate. There’s an ocean of diversity here, the mountains, the dunes, the forests, and the sea! It’s a place for storytellers, for those who want to transform landscapes and shoot something beautiful and unique. It’s sounds clichéd but we have it all, it’s all here.

What are you most proud of?

The Swellendam Community Project (Swellendam TV) – I started it with my mom and my gran (who is 97). I’m surrounded by strong, strong women. It involves short documentary-style short clips that put local people in the light. I also teach the underpriveldged about the film industry, about being in front of and behind the camera. The whole town is getting involved. It makes my heart happy.