Zipping around the Garden Route Trail Park

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Zipping around the Garden Route Trail Park
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Zipping around the Garden Route Trail Park
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Garden Route Trail Park, Knysna Ward 2, Knysna Local Municipality, Garden Route District Municipality, Western Cape, South Africa

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The Garden Route Trail Park is a must-do, must-see and must-experience activity for any adventure junkie or avid cyclist. It’s also an appealing activity for trail runners, or those wanting a long walk with picturesque views of forests, rivers and mountains.

The Outeniqua Mountains overshadow the hand-built single tracks, while the Karatara River is a welcome sight on scorching days. Pass under ancient forest canopies, pedal across bridges, and navigate a few jumps and climbs as you cross farmland.

The different park routes

Currently, there are three well-maintained routes to choose from; they cater to different skill levels. All trails are well marked, so they’re easy to navigate, and the park is open from dawn to dusk.

  • Forest Frenzy route. Covering a distance of 10.1km, with an elevation of 217m and a moderate difficulty level, the Forest Frenzy route is perfect if you’re wanting forest views, slightly technical tracks and a river crossing at the Karatara River
  • Crazy Creek route. This single track covers a distance of 13.6km and has an elevation of 262m. The difficulty level is moderate and the track requires more technical skill than the Forest Frenzy route. It’s definitely a route for the more experienced cyclist
  • Jungle Fever route. The third route on the list covers 16.4km, with an elevation of 349m. The difficulty level has been set to moderate, but the Jungle Fever route has several climbs and jumps that require technical skill

Is there a fee to enter the park?

Yes, there is. See up-to-date rates, and buy your permit, here. It’s preferred that you pay for your permit electronically as the park is moving away from cash payments for safety reasons.

You can also buy your permit through the mySOS app, available from the Google Play and Apple iOS stores. The app is also handy for emergencies while cycling, running or walking as it provides you with urgent assistance when needed. Find more information here.

Can children cycle the Garden Route Trail Park?

Absolutely! Children are encouraged to join the family on the winding, picturesque routes. No helmet, no cycling, though. (And this goes for adults, too.)

Facilities available to visitors

The Garden Route Trail has a number of well-serviced facilities. Toilets, showers and a café can all be located easily.

For the peckish, the café is stationed at the beginning of the trails. The smell of delicious roasting coffee always hangs in the air and the café’s cupcakes are a crowd-pleaser.