Call to Western Cape accommodation establishments to list long stay deals on Remote Work Portal

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Call to Western Cape accommodation establishments to list long stay deals on Remote Work Portal
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Call to Western Cape accommodation establishments to list long stay deals on Remote Work Portal
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02 June 2021

Wesgro, in partnership with Western Cape Government, today officially launched the Remote Work Portal – a central hub listing everything remote workers need to know to encourage long stay visits.

The portal forms part of the ongoing remote work campaign, which is actively promoting the province as the preferred destination to work and play, as South African's take advantage of the flexibility that working from anywhere brings.

To build long-term traction for the Western Cape as a remote work hub, Wesgro has gone live with a dedicated portal on the Wesgro website ( for onboarding and promoting a diverse range of establishments and service offerings related to the remote work capabilities throughout the region.

“There is currently no one platform that brings together deals focusing on working, staying and moving around,” says Chief Marketing Officer, Monika Iuel.

“The Western Cape offers a vibrant and innovative business community that visitors working from here can engage. This dedicated platform allows business to promote their long stay deals, providing them with additional marketing opportunities,” added Iuel.

The free to use portal requires that registered establishments fit the basic criteria:

  • based in the Western Cape;
  • great connectivity; and
  • offer a long stay at a discounted rate indicated by a percentage (to make searches streamlined for remote work seekers).

To ensure legitimacy of the deals and offerings, all establishments are vetted internally before going live on the site.

Ensuring remote workers have access and answers to all potential questions in one central hub, the website has an FAQ section, a ‘shared workspaces’ section (listing co-working spaces deals and offerings) as well as ‘move around’ section which provides eco-friendly suggestions for ways to get around during your long stay.

Minister of Finance and Economic Opportunities, David Maynier commented: “The Western Cape has everything it takes to be the best remote working location in the world if we remove the red tape and roll out the red carpet for digital nomad tourists. In addition to calling for a ‘remote working visa’, our promotional marketing campaigns and the remote working portal run by Wesgro will ensure that the destination stays front of mind for those looking for remote working locations. Encouraging digital nomad tourists to visit the Western Cape is one of the many ways that we are working hard to support tourism recovery in the Western Cape by finding innovative ways to attract visitors who are embracing new forms of global travel that have emerged with the Covid-19 pandemic.”

“We call on establishments, co-working spaces and mobility suppliers throughout the province, who are willing to offer a discounted rate for longer stays, to register on the portal and showcase their discounted offering,” concluded Iuel.

To register to offer guests long stay discounts visit, to register as a co-working space go to, and to offer guests move around options click