Cooked Sister Matjiesfontein

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Cooked Sister Matjiesfontein
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Cooked Sister Matjiesfontein
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Matjiesfontein, Western Cape

The Lord Milner, Matjiesfontein

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12 - 14 Nov 2021

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Our fifth Cooked Sister will be from 12 - 14 November 2021!

And so, you see, although we do like you a whole very much, we would be most disheartened if you arrived just as yourself. In such, we have decided that it would be most courteous of you to delight in the weekend while adorned as one of Alice’s peculiar friends...

 * Chapter First: Whiskey and the Cheshire Cat, at The Lairds Arms
There are strange creatures everywhere and the invitation to imbibe,
Looms large on your friends, on your allies and tribe.
Grin it to win it, drink it to sink it.

* Chapter Second: Down the Rabbit Hole, at the Car Museum Garden
Here is where we unroll the Oraculum and where time has no beginning and no end,
There’s no option but to go further towards the curios or perhaps round the bend.
Many doors to be opened, many keys to be tried,
Trust us you must for we never have lied.

* Chapter Third: Turtle Soup, at the Matjies Pool
Turtle Soup, so rich and blue,
What an absurd and inviting hue.
Weather be kind or strong in your mind?
Then swim in it and leave last night behind.

* Chapter Fourth: A Mad Tea Party, in the Hotel Gardens
The main event will have you wondering if you’re still sane,
We will lay out a tea party unfit for your brain.
By now you’ve sunk in and are ready to wander,
Dream and reality are partly in sunder.

* Chapter Fifth: Who Stole the Tarts, on the Streets and on Carts
Now’s when it’s vital that one keeps their head,
There’s no telling what awaits those who fly out of bed.
A disco inferno burning up and down the streets,
You can’t remain still we shall busy your feet.

* Chapter Sixth: The Loose Caboose, at the Train off the Tracks
It’s a story on land yet somehow there’s a pirate,
It’s not about plans and yet there’s a pilot.
If you check with yourself and you find your away,
You’re in a train carriage that can’t help but sway.

* Chapter Last: Alice’s Evidence, in the Courthouse
By this stage it’s clear and it can’t be subliminal,
That someone’s done wrong, that somewhere there’s a criminal.
It couldn’t be you, you’ve been around since the start,
It could not have been you who’s been stealing the tarts?

For now, this is all you need to know, so please save this very important date while we conjure all sorts of magical escapades behind the scenes. Prepare for a most gallymoggers of adventures into a wonderfied little town and revel in the thought that upside down is neither right nor left, and reality is just something over there.

Tickets for this other-worldly adventure will open again closer to the event date.

For any and all queries please email

Cooked Sister Matjiesfontein Nov 2021