Traveller FAQs

Traveller FAQs

On the 25th of November South African scientists shared their findings on the Omicron (B.1.1.529) Covid variant and subsequent travel bans occured.

Below is a list of international visitors’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to guide travellers looking to return home from Cape Town International Airport, Western Cape, South Africa.

For further information please contact the airline with which your flight is booked, or your respective embassy - see a list below of countries that have paused travel to South Africa with the embassy's contact details.

Contact details of airlines based at the Cape Town International Airport:

You can also visit for live flight information.

Embassy/Consulate and other important contact details:

  • Australia: 063 131 9766
  • Canada: 012 422 3000 
  • EU: 012 452 5200
  • France: 021 423 1575
  • Germany: 021 405 3000
  • India: 021 419 8110
  • Israel: 012 470 3500
  • Japan: 021 425 1695
  • Mauritius: 021 438 8151
  • Philippines: 021 433 2270
  • Seychelles: 021 713 1583
  • Singapore: 012 430 6035
  • Slovenia: 021 976 6249
  • UK - please go to and follow @UKinSouthAfrica on Twitter for regular updates
  • USA: 021 702 7300

You will find all relevant Embassy/Consulate details here:


1. Do I require a PCR test even if I have been fully vaccinated?

Each destination differs in this regard and information is being updated constantly.

We recommend that you confirm COVID-19 test requirements with your airline well in advance of departure, as these requirements might change at short notice.

PCR test sites

Cape Town International Airport has testing facilities (located landside) open until 11pm:

  • Dischem, located on ground floor of the Central Terminal Building (CTB) in the corridor linking international arrivals to the CTB, closer to the food court
  • Airport clinic, located on the ground floor of the Central Terminal Building (CTB) in the corridor linking international arrivals to the CTB, closer to International arrivals, meet and greet area.
  • Navomix Health | Shop No. 32, Landside Central Terminal Building, Opposite Woolworths |
    Call: +27 21 001 2866 | Email: | Website: |
    Opening hours:Mon,Thu,Sat,Sun: 8am – 10pm Tues,Wed,Fri: 8am – 6pm

You can also contact one of South Africa’s private pathology laboratories:

  • Pathcare: 021 596 3800
  • Lancet: 021 426 9108
  • Ampath: 021 596-5155

2. Which countries have issued travel restrictions against South Africa since the discovery of the Omicron variant?

Please refer above in terms of which countries have issued travel restrictions. A detailed list can also be downloaded on the right (desktop)/ below (mobile).

3. If I land in the UK, do I have to quarantine?

Please go to and follow @UKinSouthAfrica on Twitter for regular updates.

4. Will SA be going into a lockdown?

South Africa is currently operating under the National Disaster Regulations. According to these regulations, South Africa is under Alert Level 1, which does not place heavy restrictions on the movement of persons.

Should the status change, this page will be updated accordingly.

5. Is Cape Town International Airport open?

Yes, Cape Town International airport is open.

6. Are domestic flights still departing?

Yes, domestic flights are still departing. South Africa is currently operating under the National Disaster Regulations Alert Level 1 and intra-provincial travel is currently not prohibited. At present, a negative Covid test is not required in order to board a domestic flight.

7. What information do you have on the Omicron variant discovered in South Africa?

Please refer to Premier Alan Winde’s latest press statement for information:

8. Where can I get vaccinated?

Foreign nationals can receive vaccine shots at public vaccination facilities. If you have not been vaccinated yet, and would like to do so, you are welcome to go to your nearest vaccination facility – most are open during normal office hours between Monday and Friday, although there are also facilities available over weekends. You will however require proof of identity in order to register.

In South Africa the most commonly used vaccines are the Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer/ BioNTech vaccines which are recognised by the World Health Organisation and most other major countries. You can find a list of vaccination sites available throughout the country at

Emergency accommodation

A booking portal is available for travellers impacted by COVID-19 or COVID-19 travel disruptions. Passengers needing emergency accommodation in the Western Cape can find reputable establishments available to assist with accommodation, and in the event of a COVID-19 infection or exposure, facilities to isolate or quarantine.

The booking portal is live at

General safety advice and assistance

If you are feeling unwell or experiencing coronavirus symptoms please contact:

· Western Cape coronavirus hotline: 021 928 4102 / 080 928 4102 (toll free)

· National coronavirus hotline: 0800 029 999

· WhatsApp “Hi” to 0600 123 456

· Email:

Should you need assistance you can also call:

Mr. Neo Mocumi: 082 554 2010 / 072 447 1504

Ms. Ilze Jacobs: 082 972 2507

If you are staying in Cape Town you can also contact Cape Town Tourism at 021 487 6552.

For more information on our world-class city and province, and the measures in place to keep travellers safe, please visit

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