Senegal Country Fact Sheet 2017

This country fact sheet provides key trade, investment and tourism related statistics for Senegal. Specifically, it shows global trade and investment flows including an analysis of top markets and products for Senegal in relation to South Africa and the Western Cape, highlighting the largest and fastest growing products and subsectors.


The exports of services from Senegal in 2014 was valued at USD1.3bn. In terms of global services imports to Senegal grew by 0.60% in 2014 to reach USD1.4bn.

Global Senegalese exports were valued at USD2.64bn in 2016, increasing by 1.10% y-o-y.

Global imports from Senegal in 2016 were valued at USD5.48bn.

South Africa is a net exporter to Senegal with a trade surplus of USD89.22m in 2016.

The Western Cape’s was a net exporter of goods to Senegal with a trade surplus of USD16m in 2016.

The Western Cape’s top three exports to Senegal were apples, pears and quinces; tall oil and citrus fruit.


The most attractive sectors for inward investment (projects) into Senegal were financial services (15%), communications (11%) and software and IT services (10%).

The largest markets for FDI into Senegal were the France, the United States and the United Arab Emirates. Between January 2003 and June 2016 a total of 3 FDI projects were recorded from South Africa to Senegal. These projects represent a total capital investment of USD296.3m.


Due to the countries close relations with France a number of French companies like Europcar and Accor have invested in the Senegalese tourism sector.