Wesgro expands capacity to be more responsive to Corporate Cape Town

Almost 60% of investment facilitated by Wesgro into the Western Cape emanates from the expansion of existing businesses rather than new investment.

To maximise and harness this growth potential, Wesgro is undertaking a strategic review of their Business Growth Services unit to gear towards better aftercare for existing  businesses in the province.

Assisting the unit to identify and establish best practice in investment aftercare, Wesgro has partnered with students from the Executive Master’s in Leadership program at The McDonough School of  Business at Georgetown University in the United States. The students have been working with the unit, and today delivered a presentation  on recommendations for the unit going forward.

“Georgetown’s McDonough School of  Business greatly values our partnership with Wesgro. Our collaboration combines  the wisdom and experience of Wesgro’s seasoned professionals with the research  and creative abilities of our students to provide unique solutions for Cape  businesses. We look forward to building and strengthening this partnership in  the coming years. Georgetown is keenly interested in participating as an  academic partner in the economic growth and prosperity of South Africa. We  thank Wesgro for opening their doors and warmly welcoming us to the  Cape,” said Professor Michael McDermott.

In the past 2016/17 Financial Year, Wesgro’s  Investment unit recorded R1.14 billion through expansion projects, compared to R987 million attributed to new investments. These figures stress the importance of enhancing  Wesgro's capacity to retain and nurture existing investments to further  boost the economy.

“The importance of investment aftercare  is often over-looked, especially locally,” comments Lindokuhle Ntanti, Head of  Wesgro’s Investment Business Growth Services. “Our unit's commitment to reimagining and redefining  our aftercare programme shows our dedication to current investors in our ambit of facilitation and advocacy, and will hopefully attract other corporates who  have not yet made use of our full set of services.”

Welcoming  the new strategic direction of the unit, Wesgro CEO, Tim Harris, said: “We are  excited about our partnership with Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business  and thank the students involved for their analysis and recommendation presented  today that will help the unit to head in a new strategic direction. In  addition, we are pleased that Professor McDermott is interested in  collaborating with us on a bi-annual basis and also urge local tertiary  institutions looking to partner on research to get in touch with our Business  Growth Services team."

Wesgro’s head of investment, James  Milne, added: “It  is important to acknowledge the unique position within which Wesgro finds  itself, as a conduit for Local, Provincial, National and International Governments and Businesses to communicate and transact with each other. The  organization’s value proposition and indeed that of Business Retention and  Expansion are derived from this unique selling point. Redefining the strategy of  Business Growth Services  has been an exciting journey undertaken by the team over many months. We believe that Lindokuhle and his team are well positioned to deliver the best aftercare services on the continent, and we look forward to their impact in growing local businesses to support economic growth and job creation.”

Issued by Wesgro Media Team, 17 August 2018