Wesgro offers to help Samuel L Jackson and other notable Americans relocate to Cape Town

Wesgro notes the surprise results of the US election and would like to congratulate both candidates on a remarkable performance.


We would also like to offer Samuel L. Jackson, and other notable Americans who recently threatened to emigrate, our services to help them relocate to Cape Town, Africa's film hub.

During the course of the US election campaign, Mr Jackson, Jon Stewart, Keegan-Michael Key, Bryan Cranston, Ne-Yo, Amber Rose, Whoopi Goldberg, Chelsea Handler, civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton and even US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg all quipped that they might relocate depending on the result of the election. We believe Cape Town provides excellent quality of life for American decision-makers looking for new options.

Over the past year a number of local and international movies and series are have been filmed in the city including ‘Black Sails’, ‘ Blood Drive’, ‘Dominion’, ‘Wallander’, ‘Grand Theft Auto’, ‘Detour’, ‘Honey 3’ and ‘Odyssee’, to mention a few.

Wesgro's Film and Media Division assisted a total of 188 businesses with export opportunities, and generated R8.8 million in media coverage for Cape Town’s film sector this year.

As the Cape's Tourism, Trade and Investment Promotion Agency Wesgro will be working hard in the coming weeks to protect our exports to the US, to grow tourist numbers, to increase investment from the US, and to establish a non-stop flight to the US.

But hundreds of American celebrities have also been tourists to the Cape in recent years, and in the wake of today's election result, we would love to make their next visit permanent.